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Aquaculture sustainability: Towards 2030 (video)

Posted on 6/12/2012 | 4184 reads | Tags: Publications, Poverty, Nutrition, Food security

This video presentation by FAO's Dr Rohana Subasinghe examines the future of aquaculture production in the context of food security out to 2030. Issues covered include projected demand for fisheries products, supply issues for both wild fisheries and aquaculture and the challenges that lay ahead in bridging the gap. The presentation was given at the FAO-APFIC-NACA Consultation on Sustainable Intensification of Aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific Region, 9-11 October, Bangkok.

A larger, higher quality version is available for download (36.8 MB) or you can view it online (please note, you will need Windows Media Player V12 to view this file).

Aquaculture sustainability: Towards 2030
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