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Field surveys underway!

Posted on 7/5/2013 | 4435 reads | Tags: Better management practices
Interviewing a freshwater prawn farmer, Bangladesh

Data collection for the AFSPAN Project has commenced, with field surveys underway in eleven countries spanning Asia, Africa and South America. The project will survey around 120 farms and 120 households in each country, working throughout Bangladesh, China, India, the Philipppines, Viet Nam, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Brazil, Chile and Nicaragua.

The surveys are collecting data concerning farming practices and the importance of aquaculture to household employment and nutrition. The farm surveys are examining production issues including labour and time usage patterns, major costs and income generated on farms across a variety of scales. The surveys target several important species in each country to achieve a broad overall coverage that includes freshwater catfish, prawns carps and tilapia, and marine shrimp, milkfish, salmon, shellfish and seaweeds. The household surveys are gathering data on household demographics, food consumption, employment and income from aquaculture and other jobs and expenditure patterns.

The data generated by these surveys will allow the project to develop a better understanding of the contribution of aquaculture to food security, nutrition, employment creation, income generation and women’s empowerment.

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