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Is aquaculture pro-poor? Some answers from Bangladesh

Posted on 14/8/2014 | 2455 reads | Tags: Bangladesh, Food security, Nutrition, Poverty

The Livestock and Fish research program works on meat, milk and fish by and for the poor. One of its target countries is Bangladesh where program partnerWorldFish leads work contributing to the CGIAR Research Programs on Aquatic Agricultural Systems and Livestock and Fish.

A new article by Kazi Ali Toufique from the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies and Ben Belton, a WorldFish scientist, provides proof of the long suspected link between aquaculture and poverty reduction.

By analysing changes in fish consumption in Bangladesh between 2000 and 2010, the report proves conclusively that growth in aquaculture has led to greater fish consumption among the poorest consumers in Bangladesh.

While it had previously been considered that the benefits of the growth in aquaculture were derived mainly from increased employment, the study demonstrates a stronger link to the health benefits of eating more fish.

Photo: Woman showing fish caught from her pond in Khulna, Bangladesh (image: WorldFish).

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