Aquaculture for Food Security, Poverty Alleviation and Nutrition

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Report on Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Food Security and Nutrition

Posted on 18/8/2014 | 1975 reads | Tags: Sustainability, Nutrition, Food security

Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture for food security and nutritionThis report addresses a frequently overlooked but extremely important part of world food and nutrition security: the role and importance of fish in seeking food and nutrition security for all. Fisheries and aquaculture have often been arbitrarily separated from other parts of the food and agricultural systems in food security studies, debates and policy-making.

The report presents a synthesis of existing evidence regarding the complex pathways between fisheries and aquaculture and food and nutrition security, including the environmental, economic and social dimensions, as well as issues related to governance. It provides insights on what needs to be done to achieve sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in order to strengthen their positive impact on food and nutrition security.

The ambition of this compact yet comprehensive report is to help the international community to share and understand the wide spectrum of issues that make fisheries and aquaculture such an important part of efforts to assure food security for all.

The High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE) was created in 2010 to provide the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security (CFS) with evidence-based and policy-oriented analysis to underpin policy debates and policy formulation. While specific policy interventions should be based on context-specific understanding, HLPE reports provide evidence relevant to the diversity of contexts, with recommendations aiming to be useful to guide context-specific policy interventions.

The HLPE works on topics identified by the CFS. This is the seventh HLPE report to date. Past reports have covered six topics related to food security and nutrition considered by the CFS for their importance in relation to the world policy agenda, including price volatility, land tenure and international investments in agriculture, climate change, social protection, biofuels, and investment in smallholder agriculture. A report on Food losses and waste in the context of sustainable food systems will be published this year. Work is underway for an HLPE report on water and food security to feed into CFS’s policy debates in 2015.

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