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Partners - Bangladesh

Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum

The Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum (BFRF) is an outcome of the DFID-funded ‘Support for University Fisheries Education and Research (SUFER) Project’ implemented by the University Grants Commission (UGC) from 1999 to 2004. The aim of the SUFER was to improve the ability of the universities fisheries education and research in Bangladesh to support building the capability of aquatic resource development in ways that particularly focus the needs of the poor. On completion of the project period, SUFER handed over its responsibilities to BFRF by adopting the latter’s constitution in March 2004 through a national workshop held in Dhaka. BFRF is a national, non-political and non- profit professional body with memberships from the universities, DOF, BFRI, BFDC, NGOs, private sectors, other departments involved and committed to fisheries and aquatic resources development. It is an umbrella organization with missionary zeal to serve the fisheries sector through enhancing collaboration among various stakeholders. BFRF envisions promoting action, innovative and adaptive research in the fisheries sector relevant to development needs, reduction of poverty and improvement of livelihood of the people. At present, BFRF has more than 500 individual members (life and associate) from about 50 organizations – the DoF, BFRI, NGOs, private entrepreneurs and CBOs who are involved in development and research of the fish sector of Bangladesh. The main objectives of the BFRF are to: 1) develop networking among fisheries professionals and institutions in different public and private sectors; 2) share and exchange of knowledge and experience gained through research, extension and development activities to promote growth in the fisheries sector; 3) initiate discussion and dialogue among different stakeholders for identification and prioritization of researchable issues in the sector and assist the policy makers and planners in the implementation of the programmes; and 4) assist public and private sector organisation, donors and development partners in the exploration of areas for investment for rapid and sustainable development. BFRF is based in Dhaka.

Key personnel

Dr Mostafa A.R. Hossain

Dr Mostafa A R Hossain GS, BFRF is a Professor in the Department of Fish. Biology and Genetics, Bangladesh Agricultural University. He holds an MSc in pond bottom sediment and Ph.D. in fish feeding physiology from the institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, UK and studied a post doc in fish stock enhancement at Kyoto University, Japan. Prof. Hossain’s main areas of expertise include biodiversity and conservation of aquatic animals, small indigenous fish, organic aquaculture and sustainable livelihood strategies for rural fishers and fish farmers, food and nutritional security. He has authored and co-authored over 50 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals along with technical papers, book chapters and popular articles. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in fisheries teaching, research and extension in Bangladesh.

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