Aquaculture for Food Security, Poverty Alleviation and Nutrition

Partners - Kenya

Fisheries Department, Ministry of Fisheries Development, Kenya

The Ministry of Fisheries Development, Fisheries Department is mandated to provide leadership in the management and development of aquaculture and fisheries resources. The Ministry coordinates, develops, and manages the fisheries and aquaculture sectors by making it innovative and commercially-oriented so as to increase earnings and improve livelihoods in addition to addressing food security and unemployment.  Some of the key Strategic Objectives include: strengthening institutional capacity, policy and legal framework for fisheries development; promoting sustainable utilization of marine fisheries; promoting sustainable development and utilization of inland fisheries; encouraging the development of aquaculture; promote fish quality assurance, value addition and marketing; strengthen extension services; improving fisheries infrastructure; and mainstreaming HIV and AIDS activities in ministerial programs and projects. The demand for fish in Kenya is enormous as a result of growing human population and decline of fish production from the natural water resources. The Ministry can effectively contribute to the project as it is committed to ensuring that there is adequate quality and affordable protein for all of its citizenry. It is striving to achieve this through innovation, modernization as well as orientation towards commercialization in both aquaculture and fisheries. The ministry is also interested in knowing the best approach/ method it can adopt to ensure that aquaculture effectively contributes (quantitative) towards food security in Kenya.

Key personnel

Ms Beatrice Nyandat

Ms. Beatrice Nyandat,  Principal Staff, Fisheries Department, Ministry of Fisheries Development, has considerable experience in leading projects both national and regional which have focused on empowerment of the small-scale farmer in terms of capacity building in aqua-business with emphasis on adoption of improved aquaculture technologies for increased production. She is a member of the implementation team for the National Food Security Project under the Agriculture Sector Ministries which is fully funded by the Government of Kenya. She steered development of both the National Aquaculture Strategy and Development Plan and the National Aquaculture Policy.

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