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Croatian Swear Words Part Two. Those of us with Croatian heritage will know that Croatian swear words or for you Americans: One of our most popular posts has been our Croatian swear words.

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One thing at Croatia fuck with friend from remember when swearing in Croatian is that how you say it determines the context, meaning and how it will be received. Croatian swear words are much the. Like once is not bad. In part one, we left out this rather handy phrase, sorry about. Simple is often best. No need to translate this super-common Croatian swear — fuck it. This one is a touch more tricky.

Nothing beats using a phrase about your best friend's mother's lady parts to No need to translate this super-common Croatian swear – fuck it. Croatian girls show off their sexual talents and fuck wildly, they can satisfy any man! Croatian nympho Tina Blade and her red-haired friend tempt comrade. Watch sexy Croatian girls suck dick and get laid in hot amateur videos. Croatian Tina fuck with two guys by Ozzy Production. Croatian Slut with friend.

If od jebi were not enough to tell someone to go fuck themselves, then this one should do fuc, trick. Chasing the Donkey has used this one a few times herself, talk about assimilating. Ohhh boy, how our dear mothers who gave birth to us get used in the worst possible hot lady want casual sex West Lancashire while swearing in Croatian.

Add it to one of your English cuss phrases for added effect to throw your friends off. Croatian swears often use animals not just mothers and this one is dick ffrom a donkey tovar or sheep ovca.

Two poor innocent animals who often get used to swear like a Croatian. And, if you want to know how to swear like tuck Croatian, you need to know how to use that word in as many ways as possible.

Nothing beats using a phrase about your best friend's mother's lady parts to No need to translate this super-common Croatian swear – fuck it. Watch Croatia Woman To Fuck porn videos for free, here on Mature Woman fucks her son's friend after catching him masturbating · hj looking for mature adults friends from Kaneohe Hawaii Teens wife wants fuck nsa · mature women seeking men nudes text and fuck Rochester.

An easy example is full dick ,which translates to full of shit or bullshit. Give it a whirl next time your mate is raving on. So, what is wrong with your dick? I want dick.

Gasp — what? Who says that?

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When Mrs. We cussed out our mothers, a few animals, a few dicks… so, of course, the next person to use in Croatian swearing is your frienf aunt.

This one is very specific.

Ever thought about vagina smoke? Well, you have now, this phrase means that something is very easy, almost. I would love to know how this phrase originated? Here is a clip of a guy having some trouble starting a fire who demonstrates the color of Croatiq Croatian language.

He is clearly very frustrated and heads into religious cursing territory.

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If you do not want to hear any serious cursing, please do not watch the clip. Oh, and if you want to look at learning Croatian via Skype classes, our teacher who frienc work with has a few places opening up.

We can connect you, just fill in the details. Your Name required. Your Email required. Learn Croatian: We've been living here for three years now, and we've come across some absolute gut-busters.

froend Croatian Swear Words: Swear Like a Croatian. Not the kind of thing you should say to your Mama or Baka.

Any Idea? I would also like assistance trying to figure out what my grandmother would call my brother and I when we were little.

She normally would say it if we beat her at a game of cards or. Oh my… lol. Ana yes it was probably as SJ Begonja wrote. However, I disagree that she said him to be a donkey. What she probably said is a very old way to swear when you loose a game. In parenthesis is an optional part of the word.

No clue on the at Croatia fuck with friend from word — when would she use it? Really great.

Used fuuck when meeting with some Croatian businesses reps. Jebe te vrag meaning the Devil fuck you. Od you use ti meaning to you then you need to add a word like jebe ti vrag tvoj auto meaning the Devil fuck your car.

Jebiga is the sweetiest swear word. Hilarious yet shocking! Brings back memories of my childhood!

All the old men cursing and screaming about how to roast the pig and or lamb while drinking homemade gutrot wine and slivo! Thank you but cursing in American comes very natural. Actually neither you are correct. There is no necessary implication to ffuck mother.

We did. You did not hear me. I am from Istria and swearing mixing Croatian and Italian. That clip is witn it to a whole knew level wow!!

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We did laugh though, is that very bad of us haha. Boli me kurac!!! Literal translation My Dick hurts. What it actually means: The man swearing in the YouTube clip….

I am repeating the new Croatian lesson, not only to have the special words available when needed, but also to know when and if someone says them to me: Your email address will not be published.

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At Croatia fuck with friend from

Learn Croatian Swear Words: Guide To What's Inside. Comments 77 I heard this in a movie, what does it mean: Ohhh this is weird, I think it says: My grandma use to say vragra u Tibi.

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I think it means the devils in you. Hahhaa, she was calling him a donkey or an ass. The Croatian word is magarac.

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wiith Now you are armed with the Croatia language. You should do swear like a Dalmatian, Dalmatians swear best!! This is one of the funniest things I have read, crying right now! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.