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How to deal with being the only single friend Wanting Sex Date

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How to deal with being the only single friend

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I realized I could count on one hand the number of single people in the room — including.

And there were about 30 of us. But this past year, I felt panicked.

This year I felt lonely. Even in a room surrounded by so many people I love.

And no one really talks about. Save the crazy cat lady jokes.

Keep the euphemisms to yourself. I recognize.

But on the flipside is the single best friend whose plans just got cut in hoq. No hangover, yes. You wake up on Saturdays with literally no plans.

Kind of liberating. But then you also realize if you try and take a solo day trip to go apple picking in upstate New York and never make it back, how long until someone notices? And when we do, the conversation focuses mostly on that friend going out and finding love themselves.

Go date a ton of people. For some people, maybe being the last single one standing is the kick in the butt they need to go after what they want in ddal relationship. But can I be honest here for a second?

But your feelings are valid. Welcome to the club.

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