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In need of a bisexual guy

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In need of a bisexual guy

horny sex Three Rivers Some identify as bisexual, while others use pansexual, queer, fluid, or no label at all to describe their attractions to more than one gender.

Is bisexuality defined by identity, behavior, attractions — or some combination of these? Where does bisexuality begin and end? Human sexuality gyy sometimes seen as a continuum, with same-sex attractions on one end and in need of a bisexual guy attractions on the other, a notion popularized by the Kinsey scale.

Bisexuality, then, must fall somewhere in the middle. But where? Or does bisexuality encompass all the space between the extremes, or even outside of it entirely?


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Is the concept of bisexuality meaningful across cultures, and does it always have the same meaning? Does bisexuality encompass people whose physical, sexual, emotional, and romantic attractions change over time?

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And for each of these questions, who gets to decide? When talking about bisexuality, it is sometimes useful to distinguish between behavior, attraction, and identity.

Furthermore, identities can change over time or be used in different contexts, whether personal, community, or political. Definitions can change.

My own understanding of bisexuality has changed dramatically over the years. Then one day I was chatting with my friend Alberto, who, like me, identifies as bisexual.

I tossed out my definition and he looked at me like I was crazy. No, no, no!

Then, to complicate things further, I have learned a lot from my intersex, genderqueer and transgender friends. I now realize that I had been confusing gender with biological sex and that the two are not synonymous. I also learned that sex and gender in need of a bisexual guy exist on a continuum; thus there are more than two sexes, and more than two genders.

neex A male-bodied person can identify as a woman, or as a combination of man and woman; and a female-bodied person can identify in need of a bisexual guy a man, or as a combination of man and woman. What does all this mean for our understanding of bisexuality? As human beings, we live and love in a world that is far more complicated than these narrow ideas allow.

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Our attractions do not stay within tidy borders, bisexusl our understanding of bisexuality must adapt to. Every one of us must make sense of our own experiences and assign to them our own meaning.

What is Bisexuality?