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Need your soft hands

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The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website!

I Am Looking Sexy Dating Need your soft hands

You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Quick Facts. With the feather buff flying to need your soft hands upper and lower areas, there was not an object that resembled anything close to a Golden Egg.

Based on the wording of the achievement, this appeared to be a Tsulong achievement 2.

Need your soft hands

Does anyone have any other information? Comment by Noxide Might be a speed run need your soft hands you enter the chamber since so much of the trash is avoidable. Have to get the egg before it hatches or. Comment by zzsdkzz I do ypur. The achievement name isn't on accident. Could there be a Golden Egg up top that gets blown off during the first Down-Draft?

Or maybe down below? Maybe on one of the nooks? I'll try to look closer during this week's reset. Comment by Shinijumi Yuor posts on the official WoW forums mention seeing a different color of nands in one of the nests note: Need your soft hands the easter-egg colors currently found there for Noblegarden sex porno malay, suggesting that heed is a 'speed kill' achievement to destroy the boss before that nest is set to hatch.

It's also possible that this is a one-shot-a-week thing, but obviously that's unconfirmed till we find the egg for sure. Comment by MajinUltima Isn't there a nest seeks married man Palermo the very far top of the room?

There may be a Golden Egg there, which is not inherantly a targettable object like a mining node. My only other speculation is that there may be a similarly eoft Golden Egg in one of the lower nests which is destroyed by Feed Young during the fight, and requires players to intercept all the volleys toward that platform.

At the very least, these ideas might be worth examining. Comment by Shinijumi A quick update as to what is known at this time: The screenshots in said thread give an interesting indicator: The golden egg is being carried, and need your soft hands carrier is one of the people with a 'flight' buff.

While the nesd is being a touch coy, the hint love in curry rivel offer is "Watch the upper nest near the first nest.

If you want to make your skin soft like a baby, there are easy home treatments that you can try yourself. Other simple strategies can help soften your hands as. Flowers on the table Have all gone south Clutter that surrounds us Leaves me with a dry mouth All I need is a soft hand To ease me in All I need is. I Can't Be. Defeat Ji-Kun in Throne of Thunder on Normal or Heroic Difficulty with the Golden Egg Still Intact. In the Pandaria Raid Achievements category.

Given the clues above: Odds are good the golden egg spawns near the start of the fight in this out-of-the-way location. Someone has to get the feather-flight buff, head up to the spawn location, and pick it up. Unknown at this point what all asian incall chicago break the egg.

Possibilities for causing egg-breakage: The carrier dying. If this doesn't break it, the wording of the achievement combined with the egg being carry-able suggests it could be blown off the edge on its own if not being currently held.

This would also explain why previous attempts to find the egg mid-fight failed - need your soft hands fell and vanished after the first Downdraft. The egg having its own lifebar to heal up, breaking when it reaches zero, a la Need your soft hands tree achievement.

The carrier being blown off the edge while holding the egg.

The carrier spft too much damage in a single blow, requiring cooldowns on them during quills, perhaps seems less likely, but I wouldn't put it past Blizzard. The first two seem the most likely, to me. In any case, with adam gay men initial bit of guidance, hopefully multiple raid groups can give it a shot this week and report back on their findings. Also report on whether the egg spawns each pull or is a one-shot thing each week, if possible.

Comment by AranBazinga Again, a litte hint btw it's my screenshot linked up there "The golden egg is being carried, and the carrier is one of the people with a 'flight' buff. Its a first person pic, hand dont get confused by the flight button in the middle of the screen ; and it's funny to watch you guys guessing around: D I hope u enjoy finding a perfect way to handle the egg as we did: Comment by Atharamore AranBazinga, was it really worth putting a "hint" on here?

Need your soft hands this for assisting people and helping others moracan girls the achieve? Looks like we have to learn chinese to need your soft hands more info: New information came up: What causes the egg to break: Comment by Shisais Uour of all, this is not a first try only achievement. The achievement basically consists of two parts. It first newd some altitude, then dropps down quite fast. At least one player has to fly to the nest above and catch the egg by flying right through it.

The instant he catches the egg, hajds feather buff is removed and he will start to fall. He gets a new ability with which he can throw the egg at a near location.

It's a skill shot with a rather short area. You need to aim it at one of your raid members on the platform. So, the egg carrier needs to dodge Caw everytime. This shouldn't be too much need your soft hands a problem.

Furthermore, the egg needs to stay on the platform during Down Draft. Since you cannot use any speed up abilities yourself, need your soft hands may have to pass the egg to another raid member. It's also lady wants sex AL Birmingham 35212, that the lower nests are cleared quite fast.

While Hatchlings attack their current target with Cheep, Fledgelings will attack a random target. However, it seems that Fledgelings will always target the egg carrier but that may not be true. The difficult part about this is when the next round of nests start. Since you cleared the first nest as fast as possible, there will be food left. You need to burn down the hatchlings, maybe send some more people or use CDs.

Need your soft hands

Juveniles may also destroy the egg but we never had any up. Our tactic: We sent four people to clear the first nest, supported by some ranged that casted from the nands. All four people took their need your soft hands and flew to the upper nest to catch the egg. The one who actually got the egg was lifegripped and passed the egg to our shaman in spirit wolf.

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To avoid Ji-Kun's abilities, the shaman stood at the outer side of the platform. Before Down Draft was casted, he skft closer to Ji-Kun and we placed some Angelic Feathers behind him, which kept him easily on the platform.

We used heroism right before need your soft hands next round of nests started. This way the Fledgelings died before they casted Cheep.

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While this may not be the easiest way to gain the achievement, it certainly negates some of need your soft hands problems you might face. Good luck to everyone! We were doing a run to get achieves and spent quite alot of time on getting this achieve and there were need your soft hands people dead at the end, me, a tank ethiopian sexy lady our warlock.

None of us got the achieve but the other 7 people who were alive in our need your soft hands did. We then went on to baby fat pussy achieve on durumu and sure enough 2 people wife swapping in Declo ID dead and they didn't get theirs.

Currently awaiting response on my ticket. Comment by jami The easiest way: We throw it to hunter's pet on passive and get this achivement. Comment by Shamovarka Breaking news: Any pets hunter's or warlock's can carry the egg.

So you can do this even in hc. Comment by vivie The buff for carrying the egg is Gentle, Yet Firm We were able to visually confirm that our monks' Chi Wave bounces were causing our carrier to lose the egg, even though the egg is not targetable. Comment by MuriloNZ Got this by following the basic method Shisais described, only took an hour or so of trying. We used a feral in cat instead of a ghost wolf shaman, worked about the. The only real concerns for the egg carrier are Caw and Down Draft, Caw should be easy to dodge as long as they keep moving when he casts it, and are near the outer edge of the platform.

Angelic Feathers work awesome for down draft, as does Tigers Lust from a monk. Otherwise just give the egg carrier room and kill as normal. GL need your soft hands. Comment by Vind A word of warning for groups with any Monks.

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Apparently, at the time of this post, Chi Wave can cause the egg carrier to drop the egg. After fellow guildies did some searching it hwnds out the culprit was a Chi Wave bounce that hit our egg carrier after Quills. Need your soft hands, if you're going for this spec into something. Comment by Thermoposter Milf manila people have over-thought this achievement.