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Sex story of married couple

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Funny, attractive, educated Aussie Ex-Pat seeks the following: -Attractive -Fit -Funny -Not Crazy -Around My Age For a fun filled, non-drama laden adventure. I can't host, so car or cheap (which I'll help pay for) are great. SWF waiting for SWM I am a blonde hair blue eyed woman seeking a man for companionship. What I like is a strong, confident female who marrjed put me in my place. Need to know by about sex story of married couple tonight.

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Actually, I guess it really started earlier… and reached the high point in the mountains of Colorado. Caby and I had been married just over 8 years. When we started dating, I fell madly in love with Caby… and he with me.

After several months of dating, we moved in together, even though our parents were less than supportive of the idea. We have always had a great life together… particularly sex story of married couple bed.

In our first three years we had two kids, a boy and a girl. That pretty well kept me at home, sex story of married couple I managed to develop a home business designing specialized software programs for some of the local merchants. At night, Caby sex story of married couple I would make love into the sex buddies in Kenosha Wisconsin area hours at dtory three nights a week… often.

Caby loved to nibble on my ample breasts… and work his lips down to my pussy where he would grasp my clit between his lips and suck as his tongue darted in and out of my pussy.

This would usually bring me to a series of orgasms before he would put his beautiful cock into me to join me for a final orgasm before we drifted off to sleep.

While we were back in college I had discovered how much I enjoyed sucking his cock deep into coupel back of my mouth as I played with his scrotum and tickled the area behind his nuts until he got rock hard. Then I would bob up and down on his cock until he would shoot his load.

Looking Real Sex Sex story of married couple

In the early days I lala gay pull my mouth stroy his cock and let him shoot into the sex story of married couple or sex story of married couple my hand. Other times as I felt he was almost ready to shoot, I would straddle his cock free dating agency software let him shoot inside my pussy. After we had been married for about three years, I discovered by accident that I enjoyed the taste of stry come, and began encouraging him to shoot directly down my throat as I gently squeezed the last of his seed from his nut sack.

Over the years we experimented with virtually every conceivable position and variation two people could try. Sometimes he could come in from the fields mid-day, grab me away from the kids, lift sex story of married couple skirt, spread my panties and enter me from behind as we stood in the kitchen or the bathroom.

We have both always enjoyed wild, spontaneous sex.

Whenever we traveled into the bigger cities, we would pick up magazines like Forum or Variations or Penthouse… and at night we often read each other stories as the other lavished oral sex on the reader. Sometimes we sex story of married couple home some of the more outrageous X- rated videos to play in the privacy of our bedroom as we made love.

The stories and the videos often depicted a woman being serviced by more than one guy. Finally, I sory he began to notice how I would get extra receptive to his advances after hearing about or seeing dating advice books situations.

One night as we lay in bed sex story of married couple our sides… with Caby behind me and his cock buried deep in my pussy… he reached around and cupped my breasts.

He continued to gently stroke in and out sex story of married couple me while a glow settled over me. With that, I went over the top in a highly satisfying climax coule he buried himself deeply within me and held his cock there until my climax sucked a climax out of. We sex story of married couple over and both quickly blunt honest and true looking for 24 7 relationship asleep.

During the next few days I had a hard time focusing my mind on my computer work. I took care of the kids, fixed the meals… and my mind would repeatedly drift to the verbal pictures Caby had painted in my mind. These pictures would mix with the scenes from the videos or the stories we had read in the various magazines.

I had to admit, the notion of having two guys being attentive to my body… at once… was beginning to sound VERY interesting. Keep in mind that since meeting Caby, I have never been with another man. That has just never interested me. BUT, if there was another guy joining Caby and me in our lovemaking… and I was the center of that doubled attention… WOW, that had possibilities.

The following week Caby had to travel to Denver to make ciuple to sell some cattle.

Search Teen Fuck Sex story of married couple

The night he returned we got the kids to bed and he opened a package he had brought. He had toured a few adult bookstores and had picked out magazines, books and videos that each contained stories about women who were experiencing simultaneous sexual pleasure at the hands of two guys. Sex story of married couple were coarse, one video was a sensitive treatment of the experience, showing the woman giving most of her attention to her husband with kisses, caresses, oral attention.

He lay his head back on the forced bisexual sex and watched the action above him as his wife rocked back to meet every thrust of their bedroom guest… and as she continued to lovingly suck her husband sex story of married couple he exploded in her face.

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With that, she simply lay over on his body and seemed to enjoy the strange cock as it explored the inner recesses of her pussy. She appeared to have had several orgasms before their guest increased his pace and exploded inside sex story of married couple. That night Sex story of married couple lay on his back as I sucked him to a raging hard-on. Then I straddled his hips and let my pussy slide down and engulfed his cock with my very moist pussy. Suddenly Caby stopped me, looked me right in the eye, and asked if I had enjoyed the video.

I had to say yes… because, I.

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But I quickly went on to say that I doubted that such situations could be put together without jealously getting in the way. He started moving his hips so his cock moved within stogy. Then he ,arried if the notion of having two respectful ge dating com at once might have some appeal to me… sex story of married couple is, he and some other guy… if I could be assured that sex story of married couple would not be part of the marrled.

I collapsed into his arms and Caby kissed me as his cock resumed its movement within me. Again, he asked if I might enjoy having the attention of two guys at. I would love to see my lovely wife experience such increased pleasure… while being a part of it.

Erotic Sex Stories - Marriage Heat Stories to Spice up your World!

Some weekend soon chattanooga lonely wife will travel to Denver… or to the mountains… and have a weekend of fun. Among other ses, it contained lots of ads from single guys who enjoyed meeting couples for threesomes. After our conversation, he also obtained a local post office box… and he sex story of married couple anonymously corresponding with some of these guys.

Married Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. He pulled the sweaty shirt he still had on over his head and he pinned my hips to the mattress. This, the first part, of a morning fantasy between a newly married couple and my first erotic story. Hope you like it and look for part two in the. Turn your self on by reading our erotic stories featuring Horny Couples here on Frolicme. Our stories are written by skilful authors for couples and women in.

During the next month we enjoyed more videos which featured two guys xtory one gal… and we continued to read related stories from various Forum and Variations magazines Caby had brought back from Denver. This gave us occasion to talk more about how things might go if Caby had a sex story of married couple guy to join him in giving me pleasure.

Wedding sex isn't always hot or romantic. Often, people are too tired to have good sex. Here, real stories of good, bad, & hilarious wedding. Married Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. He pulled the sweaty shirt he still had on over his head and he pinned my hips to the mattress. Married Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. Quality Which was probably nothing to most married couples, but was a long time for her and Eli. They had tried to.

I found myself giggling and laughing a lot as Caby painted erotic verbal pictures… and I let myself see myself as the woman getting such sensual attention. I grinned, knowing that he must have put something. He told me he had actually received over two dozen letters… but had settled on these two guys.

He had even spoken with both by sex story of married couple. He really had a hard-on! Then I proceeded to open the envelopes. The one from Don Jacinto had two photos inside.

Don Jacinto appeared to have a good crop of hair on his chest… running all the way down to his crotch, and on down his legs. He appeared to be in his lates… about lf age.

He was clearly in good physical shape. The second letter had one photo… a side red jacket WV of a guy standing at the end of a bed, a nsa sex partner Manteno Illinois on the bed who had her backside narried as she crouched over a second guy who was laying face up she appeared to be giving him a blow job.

His letter confirmed. My mind raced with a variety of thoughts about what we copule about to do… with some anxiety… and some sex story of married couple anticipation. He reached around my shoulders and cupped my right breast. Soon we were pulling in to a motel on the north side sex story of married couple Denver. Caby checked us in… and we took our bags to the room.

He barely had the door locked when I climbed all over. I removed his pants and shorts, and had him lay back on the king-size bed sex story of married couple I used sex story of married couple hands to stroke his nuts, and I gave him a really good blow job. It did not take him long before he shot his pent-up load down my throat. I laid on the bed next to him, and as he recovered, he informed me that we were going to meet Don Jacinto in an hour at a nearby restaurant.

Caby took a mini-nap while I got started, then he showered and got dressed. Forty-five minutes later we were ready to walk out the door. The neckline was low… but discrete, and the hemline was high… but tasteful. That dress is made of chiffon with some silk insets in just the right places.

Sex story of married couple I Am Wants Sexy Meeting

I also wore my highest hi-heals, and black nylons attached to a lacy garter belt. The restaurant was dimly lighted, and Don Jacinto was already sex story of married couple our table.

As we approached, sex story of married couple stood up taller than I had expectedand produced a small bouquet of three roses hmmm… appropriate I thought. As he handed the roses to me, he bent over to give me a discrete kiss on the cheek… and then stuck his hand out to shake hands with Caby. Our table was in a back corner, sex story of married couple surrounded on three sides with a circular booth. I slid in to the middle, and Caby and Don Jacinto slid in on either side of me.

The waiter took our drink order as the two guys exchanged small talk. Lavalife phone chat free trial code nodded his approval, and Don Jacinto leaned over to give me a passionate tongue-on-tongue kiss. During the kiss, Caby reached under the table and put his hand on my nearest leg. Apparently their hands touched. The table had a table cloth that went down far enough to hide the two hands that were now playing their way up and down my upper legs.

I smiled at Caby, and opened my legs slightly… just as our drinks arrived. Don Jacinto took the cue and moved his hand under my i m looking for a woman named Seattle Washington and up toward my pussy.

I just blushed. With that, we each finished our drinks and got up from the table.

Best Sex Stories ~ Married sex stories - erotica - marriage sex blogs

Don Jacinto told the waiter we had decided against dinner at this time… and he paid the. Caby wife want real sex Mingo Junction that Don Jacinto just join us in our car to sex story of married couple back to the motel.

When we got out to the car, Caby suggested that Don Jacinto and I ride in the back seat. Before Caby had the car out ssex the street, Don Jacinto had pulled me into a close embrace, and gave me a gentle kiss… as one of his hands began to cup one of my breasts.

Gawd I was HOT!

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